We at Sunset Candle Co. understand that each business and business owner is unique. Your business must adjust to current trends and the needs of your individual regions of business. We certainly know that customer loyalty is a major concern to your business as it is to ours. With our custom pour program you can create a candle line that is unique to your business and increase customers returning when it is time for another candle. The process is simple:

  1. Select your Container.

  2. Choose your fragrances.

  3. Name your fragrances. (or use ours)

  4. Pick the color for your candles. (or use the ones we have custom blended)

  5. Print your own label or we can do it for you.

It’s that simple. You will find fragrances that your customers will love and will bring them back to your business. You will have a brand exclusive to your business area.

You will be surprised that the cost is about the same.