We respect and guard your privacy. The information that you give us to process your order request is shared only with the financial institutions that are processing your payment and the shipping companies we use to ship your products.



We use the information you provide us, about yourself and/or others you have asked us to ship to when placing an order, to complete that order only. We do not share information with any other third party except to the extent to complete that order.



We store your personal information (name, address, phone number, email ) in order to communicate with you. Creating a personal account on our Website, that you must request and assign your personal password to, will allow you to store and access your information and your order history when you make another purchase. We do not store your credit card information online. If you are a frequent customer and want your credit card information stored, it is kept in a separate locked file in a locked room. If you choose not to set up an account, your information will not be available to you with each order and you will be required to re-enter the information needed to complete your order.



Sunset Candle Co. uses cookies as a secured way for our server to establish a log on session ID with you each time you authenticate connectivity. We will place a cookie in your browser each time you sign on. Your browser may allow you to accept cookies with or without warning. If you have selected to accept cookies without warning you will be unaware of this extra security measure. If you have selected to be warned, simply click on accept.

The cookie allows us to maintain continuity in a series of request and responses. This allows the browser to store this information and send it back in any additional requests related to the whole transaction or series of requests and responses.

Should you choose not to establish an account, cookies are used to help monitor our Web site of the individual use of the site. It will not tell us your email address or any information you do not provide.